What some of our favorite customers have to share:

I have always had a love for antiques, and since moving here, I have been able to furnish every room of our home with some of the most exquisite pieces of antiques from the Chestertown Antique and Furniture Center. Each room is very serene with the feeling of warmth, comfort and tranquility each day!

I have made many friends and they are always there when you have any questions. They are very personable, polite and make every trip to the center effortless whether you are there to browse or buy something. They helped me make my house a home without spending a fortune to do so! I would love to add another addition just because I love the warmth of the colors and the intricate styles in the furniture they have. I have never been disappointed with anything or anyone and that is a situation you rarely find while shopping anywhere today. The center is always clean and gives you a good feeling when you walk through the door. You have many styles and designs to chose from and if it isn’t there, it will be, with a quick phone call in a day or so from the store, with one of the friendly faces that work there saying, "We have what you needed!"

Many thanks for everything & making me feel like part of your family when I walk through your door. I always leave with a smile – you make it hard not too! I love my antiques!

Comfort, warmth and tranquility. My new addition is completed and is named "The Maryland Room", which is fully furnished through the outstanding service, commitment and caring qualities attributed to the great staff at Maryland Shore Auctioneers/Chestertown Antique & Furniture Center.

C. Willis, optical technician, Queen Anne County, MD

I appreciate the honest, helpful attitude of the staff and the incredible variety of merchandise available.

When I was head of the Theater Department of Wesley College, John was wonderfully generous with his loan of furniture for stage props for our productions, what a wonderful addition they were!

D. Connell, professor, Church Hill, MD

Fabulous – old & new – great bedding – quality made tables and chairs.

Always new things – most accommodating and friendly.

Inexpensive delivery service. Will deliver more than locally. Staff is always courteous and kind. Bedding at great prices.

I furnished 3 medical offices in PA from their merchandise and have gotten terrific reviews from patients. They also delivered to multiple offices for me. Their bedding sets are very inexpensive – I spent 3 to 4 times more for sets purchased in the Philadelphia area. From Chestertown Antique & Furniture Center, I have bought 4 sets personally. My sister-in-law also purchased three sets and had them delivered to NJ! Thank You!!!

My favorite store – always something here – big or small – to remind me of my folks that have gone before us – always brings a fond memory!

C. Stalker, RN, Springfield, PA

Best place to shop on the Eastern Shore!

Bargain prices to allow me to furnish our summer log cabin. We bought a sofa, love seat & ottoman at an unbelievable price.

A perfect night’s sleep every night. Our king size bed is great and has room for puppy too.

Your highway displays always entice me in!

D. Hardin, retired teacher, Queen Anne County, MD

Trustworthy, a feeling that what your paying for is truly what you’re getting.

I love the variety of selections to choose from, whether it’s the bedroom, dining room, etc., they have a wide variety. They are always courteous and helpful.

The prices are competitive for the quality. They are nearby and also deliver when they say they will. It is always a pleasure doing business with them.

S Tolson, Health Care Unit Coordinator, Kent County, MD

It’s a great place with unique pieces!

It was amazing to us that we were allowed to take two end tables home just to see if they would work for us. No money down – just trust honesty, WOW!

We are currently looking at a variety of pieces to purchase. The quality seems outstanding.

A. Niesz, Teacher, Queen Anne County, MD

Fairly priced, No pressure.

T. DeMunda, Sales, Queenstown, MD


A great place to find treasures.

S. Dolce, Hotel Hostess, Kent County, MD


There was a dresser I thought was a perfect match for a bookcase bed I have but wasn’t positive. The gentleman pulled out a drawer and said take it home and check - didn’t ask for my name, phone #, anything!

The match was perfect! And who thought people weren’t helpful and trusting. It makes us so happy that we moved here! I tell this story to everyone.

M. Glick, Manager, Chestertown,MD

I love that it is packed wall to wall! They have great stuff – unusual finds – great sales.

B. Brooks, Galena, MD

Thus far it seems a well-stocked interesting place. I love the variety of items available. We found the staff helpful and friendly, which is something all too often forgotten these days.

H. McDaniel, Pastor, Chestertown, MD


I love that Chestertown Antiques is neat, has friendly service, great prices and quick delivery.

K. Mingone, homemaker, Newton Square, PA

I love the variety of items and books. I enjoy the music while browsing. I usually find something I like. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere. Sales people are very nice.

J. Speelman, RN, Kent County, MD

Reminds me of when I was a child.

C. Bond, Accountant, Warwick, MD


I love this place and the friendliness of the employees.

J. Bell Hall, Barclay, MD

Chestertown Antique and Furniture Center has a very calm and helpful atmosphere. I love the book section. It is a nice mix of old and new.

I can always find the thing that I need.

Courteous service, no pressure, good prices, and fast delivery.

J. A. Strasser, Educator, Chestertown

Very nice selection, competitive prices. I think folks will be surprised and should look there first when shopping.

They have a very helpful staff that tries very hard to get you what you need.

I have had a very pleasant experience which keeps me coming back. You can’t beat the helpful service. Good place to shop!

P. Walton, Retail/Self-employed, Centreville, MD

We love the mix of old & new. We’ve found fun bargains and great books. Our kids can lose themselves in the books for hours if we let them. Shopping here is a fun experience.

Some of the things that made us happiest include finding a great mattress that has been incredibly comfortable. We also found our dining room table here – we purchased a banquet table because Joe envisioned being able to have our extended family all around the same table. This has made for wonderful holiday and birthday memories.

One of the most important benefits is getting quality at a reasonable price. We don’t have to be concerned that our purchases will quickly wear. We know the items we’ve purchased here are of great quality and offer good value for money well spent.

Heather & Joe Phillips, Dublin, PA

They are very helpful, have kind service and efficient delivery. Their furniture is good quality and lasts forever.

P. Fanning, Chiropractor, Kent County, MD

Great selection. Good prices. I have been able to find what I was looking for. They have great savings and quick delivery.

N. Dickerson, Chestertown, MD

Reasonable prices, courteous service, good quality merchandise. Fast delivery.

D. Reece, Forester, Millington, MD

Chestertown Antique and Furniture Center has exceptional help and expertise. I also love their great prices.

M. Rekshs, Legal Assistant, Queen Anne County, MD

People are friendly. The prices are great. They have great bargains to fit anybody’s pocket book.

I was able to look for what I wanted without someone trying to sell me something.

It is nice to find a place these days that people can buy something nice for less. I am going to tell all of my friends.

H. Drennen, Retired, Elkton, MD

They have great prices and wonderful quality. I love their abundance of treasures.

S. Kraus, Rock Hall, MD

Excellent service, good selection, can’t beat the price.

The prices were outstanding and they delivered the same day. This beats anything you could get anywhere else.

Outstanding prices and excellent service.

S. Somers, Salesperson, Kent County,MD

They offer the best bargains in furniture on the Eastern Shore – high quality products at discount prices, with a tremendous selection. They also have a helpful and knowledgeable staff.

They helped us plan an entire room of factory ordered shelving. The result was bookshelves that looked like built-ins at half the cost with greater flexibility.

We’ve been able to find top-quality name brand bedding at discount prices and furnish all of our guestrooms in the highest style. Friendly service and prompt delivery make dealing with them a pleasure.

Chris & Lauren Ames, Dean of Washington College/Designer, Chestertown

Large selection of pieces old and new. Love the history of the old. Always able to find what I'm looking for. Love the selection of the Amish Unfinished. I can finish in the colors that I want. I love the ideas of creating from the pieces they offer. Makes me feel totally satisfied from the beauty the piece adds to my home as well as the function of it. I'm happy when I see the piece as a reflection of me and not just a piece of furniture. It's personal because I took time to choose what fits me. Appreciate the friendliness of staff at Chestertown Antique, they are helpful and not pushing.

D. Hodges , Office Administrator, Chestertown

Loved working with Alan to find the right unfinished dresser. I need a lot of time to make decisions and he was not pushy. In fact, he bent over backwards to make sure I got what I wanted- a beautiful, timeless, quality dresser that I would and could enjoy for years to come. A great collection of furniture (at Chestertown Antique) for every taste, very genuine, friendly staff. Awesome prices for the value. This is a place I want to keep coming back to!

Rebekah L., Board of Elections, Anne Arrundel County

I love that the employees remember who you are. Friendly and personal, always willing to help with design matching your home. Will do all they can to make the items perfect for you.

Linda V., Crumpton

Always feel good entering (Chestertown Antique & Furniture Center) because I know I'll find a treasure. Today it was a Lenox vase to match one I received over 20 years ago as a gift. Often the gifts we purchase brings a great memory as well as the enjoyment of the item itself. Appreciate the way the merchandise is displayed and the staff's cheerful attitude. They enjoy their work!

V. Flanigan, Ellicott City

A warm, family-friendly business. Always enjoyed shopping for our mother-daughter outings. Friendly staff, unique items, and great prices. Lots of information readily available to help me make an informed decision.

M. Andersen, Townsend, DE

The first place I walk through when I'm thinking of needing a furniture item. The service of the staff and knowledge of the product... going above and beyond to find information they may not have at their fingertips. Great variety of product and price.

Dorothy, Millington

Great, I come every chance I can. We have purchase several sofas, a love seat, and I always find treasures for our Christmas display in Odessa.

C. Pyle , Retired Educator, Odessa, DE