John is the president of the companies. Officially, he started in the Antique business back in 1971, while the real date was at a much younger age. His trademark is juggling 10 projects at once. 

His business interests over the years number more than 50, including Woodfield's Eatery in Annapolis, Woodfield Furniture Mfg, The Blacksmith's Shop, Lincoln Antique, and Furniture Center, Maryland Shore Auctioneers and on it goes.

In addition to running a number of businesses, he works as an appraiser, auctioneer, business consultant, and financial counselor.

He has undergone training from institutions not limited to, but including the following: The University of Indiana, Maryland Institute College of Art, Gemological Institute Of America, International Society of Appraisers, American Society of Appraisers, Missouri Auction School and others.

John's wide range of knowledge is of particular benefit to clients as he is known for ferreting out overlooked items of high value in estate situations.

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Theresa has worked in the business over 40 years even before she and John were married in 1977. Her joyful countenance uplifts staff and customers alike.

Theresa worked alongside John while homeschooling their children John, Julia, Josiah, and Joanna full-time for over 30 years.

With the youngest (Joanna) now entering her sophomore year at Crown College, Theresa has returned to our store staff and works listing many of our items on eBay and assisting customers.

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Josiah has spent the past 20 years working alongside his Dad (John Woodfield). He has acquired a broad knowledge of books, furniture, and antiques from many years of estate cleanouts & auctions. 

Responsible for most of our advertising and online marketing, Josiah also enjoys being on the sales floor to greet customers and help them find the perfect products to meet their need and price budgets. 


He managed a furniture company in Iowa during his college studies where he majored in Sacred Music and Biblical Theology. He currently holds a degree from Baptist College of America.

Josiah & his wife Jena just celebrated 7 years of marriage. They own and operate a small real estate rental company and also a rare breed poultry farm. They share an interest in antiques and furniture, operating online based businesses "Delmarva Antiques" & "The Unfinished Furniture Store".

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Chrissy is officially our bookkeeper, she not only keeps the accounting straight for all the businesses but stops throughout the day to assist customers. 

She has been with us over 20 years and her faithful service is greatly appreciated. 

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Michelle joined our staff in Summer 2020. She is currently enrolled as a student at Washington College studying Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology.

She is an accomplished hobbiest writer and enjoys poetry and short stories. Michelle has had several published pieces over the years.

Her warm and sincere personality have added a great piece to our team and we look forward to her serving with us many years.

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Ms. Lola has been a Kent County native her entire life and is a well-known face to many of our customers. She helps with our sales department and also does a wonderful job with our linens and glassware sections keeping them neatly organizing and updating with the merchandise. Her "Chan-Tily-Lace" boutique has been a great hit with our customers.

While Ms. Lola officially retired from the store in October 2020, she still stops by often to make sure we're all keeping after it. During the Covid-19 crisis she has been selling hand crafted affordable masks for our customers. She continues to sew and create many unusual items including "Memory Bears" which have become a local tradition for many families to preserve memories of their loved ones.

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Jerome Hensley - The most recent addition to our team in 2018, Jerome comes to us with many years of experience in international corporate law. He has held positions as Strategic Sourcing Officer, Contracts Manager, Procurement Manager, Export Compliance Officer, and Internal Corporate Auditor for major DC and California based companies.

After traveling the world negotiating corporate contracts for the past 15 years, Jerome desired a slower paced lifestyle and joined our staff in 2018.

Fluent in several languages and familiar with style and design from around the globe, Jerome has a special ability to connect with our customers and assist them in finding the perfect piece for their home.

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"Freight-Train" HADAWAY

Steve "Freight-Train" Hadaway - Steve has been around the business for over thirty-five years and thinks nothing of driving hundreds of miles on deliveries. As one of our primary delivery drivers, most of our customers will quickly recognize Steve as the driver who goes the extra mile as he willingly helps move their old furniture and set up the new with a cheerful smile.

Our avid Railfan, he spends many of his weekends and off-days traveling the area to watch trains. In 2015 alone, Steve logged over 1,700 on his ever-growing list of trains watched from Horseshoe Curve, PA to Gaithersburg, Havre De Grace, & Aberdeen, MD. 

TRIVIA FACT- Steve legally changed his name to "Freight Train" in 2019.

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Mr. Bill is a retired glazier from major construction projects in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas. Looking for a part-time job to keep busy in the midst of his retirement years, he joined our team in Summer 2017. He assists our team with deliveries, stocking, and furniture assembly.

Bill enjoys spending his weekends at his farm in Chincoteague, VA.

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Marcus has been with our delivery team for several years now. He is one of our full-time drivers and assists Al with stocking and various responsibilities around the shop. He enjoys music and operates his own local recording studio.

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Joanna spends many hours assisting Dad (John Woodfield) with our online sales of books, glassware, collectibles, furniture, & more. She also helps answer the phone, manages the website, and takes on many other responsibilities.

She is currently a sophomore studying music ministry (piano and harp performance) at Crown College. Joanna performs worldwide with both instruments focusing in both classical and gospel music. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating at an Olympic level arena and is very accomplished in her sport.

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Al Hickman - "Hicky" has been on our staff since 1987, (just celebrated his 32nd anniversary at Chestertown Antique) and is indispensable. He is in charge of customer service, shipping, receiving, scheduling, ordering, estate, and business removals and in short, is the "engine on the train who without wouldn't leave the station."

Loyalty, reliability, and trustworthiness are very rare in today's world. We are thankful to have a person on our staff for these many years who epitomizes these qualities.

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Chris' good-natured personality and eagerness to develop a strong work ethic make him an important facet of our warehouse and delivery team.

Chris enjoys music and records in his time off with co-worker Marcus Minor.

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Howard Bauer

Howard originally joined our staff over thirty years ago. He is now returning after a long absence. His many talents include decoy making, collecting, historian, and decoy restoring. He also writes a monthly column for the Toy Farmer Magazine. He is a graduate of Washington College and was previously in the Marine business as a certified marine electrician. He now wears many hats on staff here, waiting on customers, doing eBay listing and repairing furniture to name a few.

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Julia left us after her wedding in April 2014 to live in Lincoln, Illinois with her husband, James Kyte. She has spent many years working with our website, desktop publishing, and online businesses.

Julia has bachelor's degrees in Education and Music, as well as spending the past year with language studies. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in education.

Julia is currently teaching music and following her interests in education and church ministry.

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Jordan has been with us since his early teenage years, assisting with our many deliveries.

He has since graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Computer Engineering and is now successfully employed in that field.

He was also married this summer of 2017 and we wish him and his wife the very best in the years to come.

Jordan still enjoys coming back home to work on weekends and holidays at Chestertown Antique & Furniture Center as time allows.

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Ralph was with us since he retired from the phone company in 1992. Age has its rewards as he staked out our Pennsylvania delivery run which no matter where the delivery goes, the route always take him past the pretzel factory, hmmmm....

Mr. Ralph officially retired from our staff this past year but he is always welcomed and remembered for his many years of service.

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By far the most senior staff member. For more years than we can remember, Mr. Ralph has built, fixed and maintained just about everything. Even with all that he does here, he is best known as Ms. Betty's husband. For over twenty-five years Ms. Betty was a much-loved fixture of our store until her passing in 2003.


Mr. Ralph left our team in 2013 to join Ms. Betty.

He will be greatly missed.

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